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Timeless Contemporary Pieces for the Beautiful African Woman 

Clothing brand was founded by Precious Dimma Joseph a Nigerian  woman . A young and gifted woman studied foreign languages and literary in Nigeria and moved to Russia to finish her degree, Majoring in Russian and French.

She always knew she’d study languages not only for the fact that her parents wouldn’t be in total support of studying anything fashion, but also so that she could connect easier to people and break the language barrier in the fashion world.

She first had the idea in 2017, while studying in Russia well during this time it was just an idea due to funding as well as the fact that she was an independent founder, and her perfectionist nature would also not allow her to release something which was not of a certain standard.

As a black-owned business in Africa, finance is a major issue, but she believes the real underlying barrier to launching a product is ‘imposter syndrome ‘and being worried about people’s response to it. She eventually learnt to step out of the way to sometimes put out things that are not so perfect in her opinion, but still yield excellent results.

One of the inspirations for her business is the fact that she always loved dressing up since she was a child and fantasied about seeing people look good.

“I am the only girl in my family so this was what kept me company when the boys were doing their thing. Fashion and music were my safe space because I grew up with a lot of insecurity.”

She always knew that fashion was her passion even though there were a lot of criticism.

Dimma says she is a “big fan of Africa” and her brand is primarily inspired by black women. She loves to see beautiful hues and colors on beautiful black women and has always wanted to be able to create pieces that enhance the beauty and quality of black women.

Ivory Afrikaan has also been able to focus on body positivity and bring in women from different places, backgrounds, walks of life, and of different shapes and sizes to have a say in the business and feel like they have a home in that space.

When asked about her greatest achievement in business, Dimma says “Releasing my first collection. It wasn’t looking like something that’d be feasible, but I did it anyway. Apparently, people were watching, they noticed what I was doing.”

She got a lot of feedback from that shoot, and a lot of people have come forward saying that she was their inspiration to startup their business.

“It is such an honor, it’s a good thing to be able to push people to be the catalyst and help people realize that they can do it and that it’s not so difficult.”

She was able to incorporate creativity in her business mostly because of the people she works with. “The best minds” she has worked with.”

Dimma says “I’m very detailed person and so particular about good quality that people have known. I sometimes overwork, learning to work smart, not hard. I’m always looking for new ways, new opportunities to push my brand out there and bring amazing talent into the brand and this has been so rewarding.”

 “My candid advice to someone looking to start any business, especially in fashion, would be to start. It may seem impossible or nor seem like it’s not the best time, just start . That’s one thing I’m learning as I continue building. You don’t need to have that mega big idea or funding. Just start anywhere.”

Diligence, creativity and passion

The type that makes you jittery, they always pay off. Your passion will always make a way for you, and not necessarily, financially but even emotionally. It will help you figure out your way through life.

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