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YAGA Cares Back To School Project In Takoradi



Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Helping cures, Helping heals, it makes all the difference and brings laughter. One can never help enough. Hope is Helping. An act you’re sure to bring joy no matter how minute the efforts are. That is what we do. We are YAGA Cares, we help and give hope.

The ravages of climate change, leaders and transitions, covid 19, the cold war in eastern Europe, earthquakes of high magnitudes, economic breakdowns, all in all, a huge global transformation. In a tough 21st century, YAGA Cares Foundation is seizing the moment’s crisis, as part of our fundamental and social responsibilities to bring single mothers affected by worldly situations and it’s aftermaths into the limelight. Thus, providing support to brilliant but needy wards of these mothers by paying their tuition and providing them with stationery for school.

In order to undertake this project, we would like to say no help is too small. Every donation is for a good cause and is gladly welcomed in cash or in the form of material support. As your overwhelming contributions come in, we are sure to touch the lives of 200 needy but brilliant children and their mothers.

YAGA Cares looks forward to making a difference with YOU and we believe that together we can make a change and a massive one as such. Thank you.

For all donations contact:

Fati Tanko Nuhu
Mobile Money: +233 240 872790

Sberbank/ Tinkoff / СБП : +79884781835
Card number – 2202200124422088

or Kindly write us @yaga_cares for more information.

Thank you and we look forward to communicating with you in the coming days. Stay blessed and stay giving.
YAGA Cares, We help, We care.

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