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The Youngest Oil Baron Striving Hard amidst Industry Challenges



In a highly volatile industry that poses a lot of risks and challenges stands Yahya Diab, a young Oil, and Gas entrepreneur and the CEO of Veros Petroleum a Ghanaian Petroleum company that operates in the downstream sector of the industry.

In an online interview when asked about how he is coping with the latest challenges that the industry poses to its service providers he said :

Every industry has its dynamics. We all encounter challenges. Sometimes the main issue is not the challenge itself but the mindset that we use when solving these issues. Lately, the Oil Market is mostly affected around the globe due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine which has caused the Oil production and supply channels to change their course direction. As an entrepreneur, it gives me a clear indication that there is more global demand for Petroleum products but less supply due to the interruptions caused in the oil chain which is one of the major causes of price hikes. There are a lot of factors that cause a lot of changes in the prices of Oil but the Major once usually are

Demand and Supply, Forex / Exchange rates, Geopolitics and Policy Changes.

These are the main factors that determine whether the end consumer will pay more or less at the Fuel Station. As a company, we try as much as we can to help support both our business and patronizers amidst the challenges we face daily. Some of our implemented strategies have a lot to do with stock hedging and forex rates which we work hard on making sure we devote as much of our investment to securing the best rates and quantities we can for a certain period to help in easing the situation as much as we can he said.

Yahya Diab is the CEO of Veros Petroleum a Petroleum company in Ghana with various investments in the downstream sector. He holds a degree in Business Management and is also a Pilot. He is also known for the generous philanthropic donations and support he offers to various institutions.

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Yusif Meizongo Jnr Triumphs with Esteemed Award at AFRIFAMUACAA



The glitz and glamour of Los Angeles set the stage for an extraordinary moment in the AFRIFAMUACAA African Community Achievement Award ceremony, where Ghana’s entrepreneurial gem, Yusif Meizongo Jnr, was celebrated for his unparalleled contributions to the worlds of business and fragrances. It was a night of pride and recognition as Meizongo was honored for his dynamic role in inspiring the youth of Ghana, and indeed the entire globe, through his mastery of perfumery and his visionary business practices.

Yusif Meizongo Jnr has etched his name in history as the trailblazer behind Ghana’s first niche perfume label, Maison Yusif. His brand is revered not just for the exquisite scents it creates but also for its dedication to local craftsmanship, as it proudly assembles, packages, and produces its luxury fragrances entirely within Ghana’s borders.

Internationally, Maison Yusif’s fragrances have captivated the senses of a diverse audience, drawing aficionados and connoisseurs from across continents to experience the olfactory delights crafted by Meizongo and his team. The brand has become synonymous with unparalleled quality, with its fragrances known for their enduring presence, profound reach, and assertive projection—challenging even the most established names in the fragrance world.

The scent “THE VATICAN,” a jewel in the Maison Yusif crown, has been showered with acclaim, securing the accolade of Ghana’s Best Perfume at the Gh Cosmetic Awards and earning the title of Best Niche Fragrance globally at the Perfumista Award Worldwide. Such honors are a reflection of Yusif Meizongo Jnr’s commitment to excellence and creativity in the art of perfume creation.

Yusif Meizongo Jnr’s acclaim extends to the United Arab Emirates, where he was recognized as the fragrance community’s most esteemed CEO. With a collection of more than 15 prestigious awards to his name, Meizongo’s reputation in the industry is as fragrant as his creations. Maison Yusif, with specialty boutiques in Accra and Kumasi, has introduced over 20 top-tier fragrances and is poised to further captivate the international market.

Meizongo’s entrepreneurial spirit is matched by his philanthropy. Through his non-profit, Home of Humanity Foundation, he has made transformative strides in the Zongo communities, reintegrating numerous children back into the educational system.

The accolade received at the AFRIFAMUACAA is not merely an award; it is a symbol of Yusif Meizongo Jnr’s innovative and altruistic spirit. His influence extends beyond business; he is a paragon for the youth and aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere, embodying the fusion of passion and purpose. We extend our heartiest congratulations to Yusif Meizongo Jnr on this meritorious honor and look forward to his continued influence in the realm of perfumery and beyond.

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A Fragrant Force for Good: Maison Yusif’s Role in Quenching Aboaso’s Thirst for Clean Water



Tucked away in the verdant heartland of the Ashanti region, the village of Aboaso stands as a beacon of resilience and warm welcomes, even as it grapples with a pressing plight: the scarcity of clean water. It is within this context that the scent connoisseurs of Maison Yusif have turned their noses towards a cause far removed from their perfumery prowess.

In an intriguing twist, the fragrance firm has unfolded a blueprint for a water project with the aim of quenching Aboaso’s thirst. Assembling a team of dedicated individuals and collaborative partners, Maison Yusif is pouring its efforts into constructing a water facility destined to dampen the daily water woes of the locals.

This endeavor is but a drop in the ocean of Maison Yusif’s philanthropic journey. The company’s charitable compass points in various directions, with its benevolence touching the lives of the disabled, widows, and those often sidelined in society. From donating to charities to supporting hospitals and schools, their generosity wafts through the air, leaving a trail of goodwill.

At the helm of this compassionate voyage is Yusif Meizongo Jnr, the CEO and creative force behind Maison Yusif, who has stitched social responsibility into the fabric of the brand. The company has adopted a remarkable model where a slice of the sales from each aromatic product is channeled into charitable streams, empowering customers to inadvertently become benefactors with every purchase.

The gravity of their cause is magnified by sobering UNICEF data, spotlighting that over 5 million people in Ghana face a daily struggle for adequate water—a reality that has not escaped the Maison Yusif boardroom discussions, as noted by Managing Director Baidawi Shamuna.

While Maison Yusif’s reputation for crafting exquisite olfactory experiences continues to flourish globally, beneath the surface, each transaction weaves a tale of hope and human support. This corporate citizen’s narrative is a testament to the growing recognition among businesses that social impact can coexist with commercial triumph.

With an eye to the future, Maison Yusif’s fragrance empire is spritzing its influence across humanitarian landscapes, beginning with life-giving water initiatives and aspiring to address a spectrum of urgent societal concerns.

The scent of success for Maison Yusif is thus laced with an aroma of altruism. They champion the conviction that a company’s accomplishments are best savored when paired with a profound commitment to enhancing lives and spreading compassion.

In conclusion, Maison Yusif’s foray into philanthropy paints a picture of the powerful role enterprises can assume in confronting societal adversities. Through their philanthropic actions, they beckon others to join in the pursuit of a more nurturing and just world, one where the measure of a business’s heart is as important as its balance sheet.

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